Monday, July 27, 2009

Silent auction total, walking, etc.

The silent auction ended last Thursday night. If you have not been contacted about how to pay, please let me know by posting in the comment section. It looks like we raised about $1260.00! Sweet considering how much some of us have left to raise (like me...). So if you notice that someone has a lot left to raise, please donate. Thanks!

This past weekend I went up to a cabin in lake/cabin country. It was great to get out of the city and turn my cell phone off. Literally my cell phone was in the OFF position for 2 days straight! I also walked a lot. I walked 10 miles on Saturday and 6 miles on Sunday. While that isn't that much considering I should have walked 18 on Saturday and 15 on Sunday, I wasn't in the mood to do it. I would rather spend my time on the lake catching fish, which is exactly what I did. We caught SO much fish! Man, if i could spend a week in the summer fishing I would be happy (so long as it was in the low 80s and sunny like it was this weekend). But, alas I cannot do that. Oh well.

It appears as if the Cubs are hitting more home runs now. For a long time they were stuck at 99, then now they are up to 106. So, that's good for the donation thing.

Twins walks: 373
Delmon Young walks: 7 (1% of all the walks)
Red Sox home runs: 113
Farm Team walks: 1298

Just to let everyone know, my "Walks for a Walker" program will be ending on July 31.

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Tracie said...

I haven't received a notice about how and were to submit payment for the two items I won. [router bits and coffee beans]
Tracie Fenske or
Thank you!