Thursday, July 30, 2009

The End of Walks for a Walker

The Walks for a Walker program has ended for another year. Luckily this year the Twins did a lot better than last year, so that means that there has been more money raise for the length of time than last year! This year the Twins had 386 walks from the start of the season until the July 31 game vs the Angels). The Farm Teams had 1357 walks. Rochester ended with 307 walks, New Britain had 358 walks, Fort Myers had 341 walks and Beloit had 351 walks. And my favorite stat: Delmon Young walked 7 times.

If everyone donates according to what they said they would at the beginning of the season, I should have raised close to $700.00! You guys are amazing!

Here is the breakdown -

Will (0.50/walk) - $193.00
SBG+little SBG (0.15/walk)- $57.90
Andrew (0.025 euro/walk) - $11.58 or 9.65 euro
Banjo (0.05/walk) - 19.30
Rhubarb Runner (0.10/walk) - $38.60
E-6 (0.05/walk) - $19.30
Jeff A (0.02/farm team walk) - $27.14
Algonad (0.05/walk) - $19.30
freealanzo (0.05/walk + 0.05/Delmon walk) - $19.30 + 0.35 = $19.65
new britian bo (0.05/walk) - $19.30
Barry hess (0.10/walk) - $38.60

Some other stat I was tracking:
The Cubs hit 115 home runs
The Red Sox hit 119 home runs

Thank you, everyone, for your support. You can donate either by clicking on the link on the right side of this blog and it will bring you to my donation page, or you can go to and search for my name and then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the donation page and download the form to mail in a check.

I have had a ton of fun this year tracking the walks. It is so much more fun watching a Twins game when you have something to get excited about even when they are losing. If you are interested, my favorite Twin, Justin Morneau had the most walks, 55. Denard Span came in second with 43 walks, and Michael Cuddyer was tied with Joe Mauer for third with 40 walks. And OF COURSE, Delmon Young has had the fewest walks - 7.

I will continue posting until the walk occurs on Aug 21, 22 and 23. Thank you one more time! You guys are great!

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brianS said...

and $19.31 (that's right, thirty-ONE cents) from brianS!!!!11one111!!